The "Natureslite Photography Field Sessions" are weekly instructional programs designed
to offer ongoing photo opportunities for those interested in learning and experiencing
photography in a group workshop type setting. This unique program combines a wide
variety of subject themes and outdoor locations to expand your interests while learning
new techniques to improve skills and enhance creativity.
The Natureslite Program is intended for anyone at any skill level, including both film and digital.
Through each session, critical attention is given to the learning process of basic technique and
composition as well as advanced skills and artistic creativity. Each session introduces a new concept
and a new way of seeing. Equipment, camera controls, depth of field, lighting and composition are
among the many subjects covered by field instruction, group interaction and one-on-one attention.
Each location is chosen for its unique characteristics providing a variety of subject matter and interest.
Various locations include nature close-up and macro; landscape, streams, river and lakes; sunrises and
sunsets; structures and architecture; gardens and pictorial themes. Waterfowl, butterflies, bugs, birds,
frogs and furry critters are just a few of natures wildlife encountered during the sessions. Several times
throughout the year meetings are held to share images and offer comments and suggestions.
The Natureslite Weekly Photo Field Sessions has become a successful program since June 21, 2003. One
reason is that it offers much more then the basic photographic process. The program also seeks to
encourage, motivate and inspire creative growth through discovery and awareness. The goal is to offer
unique and helpful insights to instill confidence and originality to personal artistic creativity. Many
participants have found the Natureslite sessions to be an awesome experience that refreshes the spirit
from the day-to-day pressures.
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