Time Out

I have been enjoying some time off from shooting events over the past couple of weeks. It’s sort of a “time out” from devoting many hours of processing and working with massive numbers of images and files. I work very hard until I get tired. And then I rest. So, this has been a good “time out” for me to rest and work on some of my own personal projects. One of these projects that I am very excited about is “Artistic Expressions”: creating a work of art from a photograph. The concept is not new, but rarely offered as an alternative to just a standard print. Partly because of the time involved in creating these, whereas the value of that time often becomes uncompensatory. Now there’s a new word to add to spell-checker.    I want to provide clients with something special. Something they will absolutely love and treasure for many years to come. My idea was to develop a variety of artistic styles to apply to a photograph, thus giving a choice that is appealing to them. The challenge is to create a process that is repeatable, yet maintain a unique quality to each work of art. The next challenge is my choice to remain true to my photography by preserving the photographic quality of the print.      


Preparations are underway to rollout a new addition on my web site to introduce the “Artistic Expressions” and show some samples of my work. I thought I would post a sneak preview of a favorite of mine.

some where in time photography 

The bouquet is an important part of any wedding and truly provides a precious memory as an “Artistic Expression”.      Dale 


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